Hello!  My name is Michael Burnham.  I hold a Masters in Business Administration and previously worked in sales with a business to business distribution company in New England.  As a salesperson in the business to business field, I have formed many relationships with business owners looking to expand their business presence on the Internet.  In my experience, I realized there can be two consistent hurdles when it comes to increasing internet presence and marketing.  One hurdle is the outrageous cost some website design companies charge for services.  Another hurdle is finding an easy to follow, trustworthy source from which to learn the ins and outs of creating and maintaining your own website.  I have successfully knocked down those hurdles with this FREE and user friendly service to provide your business the Internet presence and marketing it deserves!  Please check out my blog post titled “My Why” to learn more about how I started FreeWebsiteFormation.com.
Currently, I am traveling with my wife, Colleen, and our three children to bring this offer to small businesses across the country!  Check out our journey so far

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