Our family is on a nationwide tour in an RV, we are trying to bring our offer of a free website to everyone that we meet.  We are updating our journey on the blog below

75 degrees and sunny

     Greetings from sunny Florida!  In our last blog post, we talked a little about the “Florida shuffle” that we’ve been doing through these winter months.  We have decided to continue this shuffle through March.  We hear winter is in full force up in New England!  We can’t say […]

Greetings, from Florida! 2017

Yes, we’re still traveling through Florida.  So far on this journey, Florida has been the state in which our camper has been parked for the longest amount of time.  We flew to New Hampshire for several weeks throughout the Thanksgiving holiday, while the camper remained in Florida.  Since our return […]

My Why

You all know by now that I’m on this crazy, cross-country, road adventure with my family to grow FreeWebsiteFormation.com.  However, you may not know how this path became my reality.  So, for today’s blog post, I’m going to take you through how I ended up doing what it is I […]

Greetings from Florida!

I apologize for the gap in time since our last blog post.  We have been busy!  Colleen experienced an emergency medical situation recently.  She’s back to full health now, but we had to halt our normal routine for a little while.  Through her experience, we once again were reminded of […]


Greetings from Pennsylvania! We arrived at our current campground on Tuesday of this week. Travel went well. The trip was lengthy, though. If we were traveling without hauling a camper and 3 kids it probably would’ve taken just over 4 hours. That is not the case though, and this particular […]

Community 9-11-16

Greetings, once again, from New York!  Yesterday, we worked through our first toilet/septic blockage issue.  I’ll spare you the details – but it was throughout this hours long, unpleasant process that I realized the tremendous community we have around us for this journey.  Well, we have several amazing communities supporting […]

Greetings from New York!

We left Massachusetts last Thursday and have set up camp in New York.  Un-hooking the camper in Massachusetts went well, albeit a bit delayed due to some heavy rainfall.  Road travel went well also.  The trip was about 3 hours, and we stopped twice – once for our lunch, and […]

Leaving New Hampshire

We have been so fortunate this last month to stay with family in Southern NH. We have become better acquainted with the features of our camper, have made some great networking relationships in the area, and have enjoyed beach trips, berry picking, ice cream stands, and lots of pool time […]

What’s the catch?

What a frustrating question. I get this quite often. In fact, every day I’m out selling, I hear this question at least once. A typical sales call starts like this; “Hi my name is Michael, I want to help you get a website online.” I can almost see ‘walls’ go […]

Jump With Me

“Hun, what do you think about taking an adventure?” I asked my wife several months ago.  Mind you, several months ago, my wife was very pregnant with our third child.  I don’t remember exactly what her response was, but her eyes had widened and I think she said something like […]