Question: Can I customize my website after Free Website Formation builds it?


Our company was built around the idea that you will not need a webmaster. We provide several dozen tutorials on how to customize different aspects of your website. These tutorials are about 2 to 4 minutes in length and are currently available on our YouTube channel

Question: I have an Ecommerce site, can I switch the hosting to Free Website Formation?

Yes and No:
Yes, we would be happy to help – but it is outside the scope of our offer. We sell a service that is geared toward providing a high quality brochure style website. Our prices are very low, and the advertised price point does not account for shopping cart integration. That said, we know how to do it- and gladly will for an additional fee (fees are case by case basis).

Question: What is the length of time between purchase and the website being completely built?

On average, we complete your website in one week.

Question: Without an office space (and doing a nationwide tour) won’t it be hard to stay in touch with your existing customers?

Not at all. Here are some of the ways that you can reach us… Email, cell phone, 800 number, facetime, skype, facebook message, facebook call.

Question: Is the contract that the customer enters in to with Free Website Formation transferable?

Yes. We will honor the length of the hosting contract that was purchased upon a new owner of the domain name. Examples for why this may happen include; the domain name is sold, the business is sold, the business owner dies, etc. The new owner of the website would have the choice to continue with us serving as their host or find hosting elsewhere.

Question: Will Free Website Formation provide any updates to my website in the months/years ahead?

We will create a customer’s website exactly the way the customer wants on day one. Prior to your site going ‘live’, you have the opportunity to communicate by phone or email to let us know if you want anything added or tweaked. Once you are satisfied with your site, and it is live, we provide one complimentary hour of web design assistance within your first year. Afterward, should you want us to act as your updater/web design company of record going forward we charge an hourly rate of $60 with a minimum of one hour and then bill in 15 minute increments. We are happy to provide this additional service, but it is not a part of our offer nor in many cases is it needed as our finished product will not often need to be updated.

Question: Who owns the website that Free Website Formation creates for the customer?

The customer. You own your website, and your domain name when you purchase your domain name through us, or on your own. This is not the case with all web creation companies. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you do not have ownership of your domain, we are here to help! We feel strongly that you should own and be in charge of your own website!!

Question: Why do all of the websites that Free Website Formation create look generally the same?

We have systemized our process to be able to create these websites very quickly and efficiently in order to keep our costs down. This allows for us to pass the savings on to the consumer in the form of a free website for every new hosting customer that we acquire.

Question: What is hosting/what is a server?

A server is a very powerful computer that stores the files that comprise a website. The server needs to be secure and able to meet increasing demands. For example, if there are seven people looking at a website at any given time then all seven of those people need to be able to access the files at lightning fast speed.

Question: Will your prices ever go up?

When you purchase your website for a set term (3 year package, for example), you will only pay the price through that term (the full 3 years, as in our example) as determined from the original term purchase. While we do not anticipate a price increase anytime soon, we do reserve the right to raise our prices as the market warrants. Generally speaking, our costs are fixed. However, there is some variability in our expenses going forward. Any price increases during a paid term, would not be reflected until the term has expired, and you consider your rebuy options.

Question: I already have a website with email associated with it, can I bring my email when I switch hosting?

Not typically, we advise all of our customers that are looking to have an existing website rebuilt AND currently have an active email account tied to the existing domain name to transfer to a 3rd party email provider such as Google Apps for business (Link to this) If the email is used infrequently, simply backup all of the old emails to a free Gmail account and use the Gmail account as your new email.

Plus $15 per year domain name fee – (If you don’t already own a name)
More than 5 pages? – $20 per additional page – (one time fee)
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