How to login to your website to make changes


How to upload a picture (add media) to your website


How to Upload a PDF to your website


How to Claim and Customize a google local listing

Part 1

Part 2

If you are a small business the google local profile associated with your business is very important.

The short video in this post will assist you as you claim and optimize the google local profile for your business.

A short description that tells people about your business is the most important part of the listing.  Another key component are the pictures that can be uploaded as well as the physical address.

Above all else, simply claiming the listing will ensure that other people cannot claim your business in error or with malicious intent.


How to create a facebook page for your business

Facebook is an important part of your overall web presence.  It is not as important as the actual website (that your business owns) but it will be important.  Most of all it is key in building social proof.  A website that has the facebook fan feed on it is very helpful, because the feed will show the faces of the people who “like” your business.   Photos and a clear call to action (typically to get people to visit your website) is also important.


How to create a business twitter page?

The short video associated with this post will help you in creating a twitter page.  The most important part of a twitter page is a backlink to your website so that customers who find your twitter profile can be easily redirected to your website.  Pictures of your business are also very helpful.


How to post from a mobile phone?

It is a great time to be alive.  This short video will show you how to edit your website through a simple app.  It is very handy if a PC or tablet is not readily available.


How to create a youtube account and upload a video?

These two videos will show you the basics of creating a free youtube account as well as how to upload a video to youtube.  In addition, it will also show you how embed the video on a website.  This may be helpful, for example, if you want to embed a walkaround of your business on your website.  A nice 3 minute video that highlights how clean the business is as well as any special information that you want to include can be very effective in generating new sales


What makes up where websites rank in google?

Learn why some websites rank well in search engines and some do not. It is a variety of factors not the least of which being how mobile friendly the website is. This 3 minute video better explains the ranking factors.


How to Select a Domain Name to Maximize Sales?

The short tutorial embedded in this post should help you to select an ideal domain name.

The most important thing to remember is that you want to communicate details about your business within your domain name.

It is best to have a domain name that is geo-targeted.  For example- if you are a Plumber in New York City, an ideal domain name would be NewYorkCityPlumber . com or PlumberNYC . com

Get it? CityStateSpecialty . com

This better helps the search engines to match your website with the search query “Plumber in NYC”

If the name of the business is “Joe’s Plumbing” and it is located in New York City, selecting a geo-targeted domain name will rank for both the city-specialty search term (Plumber in New York City) AS WELL AS the business name – city search term (Joe’s Plumbing New York City).

This is because the words Joe’s Plumbing will also appear several times inside of the website itself.

In short; a geo-target domain name will widen the net of perspective customers that successfully find the business via a search engine.

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