We sell hosting packages.

We then create your website for free!

Hosting is an expense required when you have a website.

We sell server space in annual and triennial packages at very affordable prices.  

You own your site and can make changes any time!

The websites we create are:


Mobile friendly

 Approximately 5 pages

 Search engine optimized

 Owned by the customer

 Contain the customers pictures

 Contain the customers YouTube video(s) (if applicable) embedded

 Contain customers Facebook feed (if applicable) embedded

 Contain picture of the credit card logos that the customer accepts (if applicable)

 And more!!! –> Depending upon the industry/desires of the customer.  For example, a restaurant would have a mobile friendly PDF of their menu while a hair salon may decide to include a page with the services (and prices) they provide. 

All created for free! Your only expense is a low hosting fee.

Call today with questions!     603-273-1198

Read on to learn more, or check out our FAQ page!

Don’t have a domain name?  No Problem! You will have an opportunity to purchase one during the buying process
Want to keep an existing domain name?  No Problem! We can use your existing domain name and re-build your website (for free)
The Process:
After signing up with a hosting contract our customers are prompted to either fill out a web form or begin an email correspondence with us.  We need our customers to send us the information that they want to be on their brand new website (or tell us where we can find it, ex. Facebook page).
We then create a draft version of the customer’s website.  The draft version takes up to 1 week for us to create- It is created in our customized template and lives behind a password.  We then contact the customer (either via phone or email), tell the customer the password and the customer looks at it. If the customer wants minor changes made to the website (just content and pictures not structural) at that time we make the changes that the customer requests.
Once the customer is happy with their new website we lift the password and the website is live for the world to see.  At this point, Free Website Formation has gained a happy customer (for life, we hope) and the customer has gained a mobile friendly website.
All of this for the low price of free (less a hosting agreement with our company).